Music Lessons

We have the finest classical, jazz and studio musicians and our professionally degreed music staff has been hand-selected not only for their reputation as performers but also for their ability to inspire and motivate students through their passion for music.

Each of our teachers has years of experience with us and providing students with outstanding results.The Conservatory of Musical Arts is a great place for children, teens and adults to explore the world of music lessons. Our teachers are highly trained music professionals who love teaching.


Children are taught by highly trained teachers who make lessons fun and gear lessons to your child’s learning style. We have excellent teachers who specialize in children with learning challenges, or children with special needs. We believe everyone deserves music in their lives.

Adults are welcome at CMA, too. Whether you played in high school or college and want a refresher, or you are just picking up an instrument, we will meet you where you are.

Teens have different needs when coming to music lessons. High school band members may want more one on one instruction to prepare for try outs for elite bands. As teens are busy people these days, we understand the amount of practice time varies and we teach accordingly.

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